Business:  Redefined

Fairpoint Mutual is a nonprofit practical philosophy group committed to reviewing our basic assumptions about business through an interdisciplinary approach. We’re fostering a clearer understanding of enterprises of all kinds so their founders and managers can design and operate them better as sustainable and inclusive vehicles for individual and collective thriving. We identify the unique challenges confronting impact innovators and develop solutions to ensure that the default norms of “business as usual” don’t compromise their good intentions or the innovations that are crucial to their vision.

We’re building a team…

of experts from any field with perspectives they would like to share in our ongoing effort to check our most basic assumptions about enterprises. If you are interested in joining our interdisciplinary Advisory Committee, please reach out at

We’re developing a curriculum…

to help entrepreneurs, executives, and managers better understand how business really works and how it can work for them. This curriculum synthesizes key insights from philosophy, systems engineering, psychology, behavioral economics, data science, organizational learning, anthropology, computer science, social biology, business modeling, lean startup, and disruptive innovation under a unifying “theory of enterprise” rooted in the individual and collective pursuit of progress.

As this curriculum takes shape, our goal is to make the content increasingly accessible through the publication of freely available materials and by developing an entrepreneurship and business strategy course designed to offer at the high school level.


We’re developing a business modeling tool…

…the Mutual Mosaic. The Mosaic is based on the Business Model Canvas but goes further to model an organization’s entire resource allocation process, focusing on the value propositions that motivate every aspect of enterprise engagement, not simply the value propositions that encourage customer engagement.

With the Mutual Mosaic, it will be possible to model how all stakeholders make progress through an enterprise and to predict and test how innovations will alter the flow of progress through the resource allocation process, highlighting areas of potential turbulence.

We’re seeding the new economy…

by developing blueprints for mutualized corporate structures and governance policies and facilitating the launch of enterprises that utilize these blueprints.

Want to help?

If you’re interested in helping us build our team, helping us design and build the Mutual Mosaic web app, or helping us develop and distribute our enterprise theory curriculum through financial, intellectual, or professional contributions, please contact us at